Experimental Watercolor on Non-Paper Surfaces

Create Water Media Art in unusual places!

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Paint on everyday objects

Ksenia will teach you how to prepare household objects for watercolor. The only limit is your imagination

Commercial alternatives

Ksenia demonstrates commercial alternatives such as watercolor canvas and Aquabord

Make your surfaces

Ksenia will show you how to turn cardboard into watercolor art using watercolor ground. You will learn to paint watercolor on exotic backgrounds such as black or gold.

Barbara H.

Ksenia provides an excellent, and very systematic introduction to painting on Aquaboard, Watercolor Canvas and Yupo. She also shows how to prime other surfaces using different types of watercolor ground, and how to paint on the resulting surfaces. Very practical, hands-on, class. The content is packed into short videos that get to the point, no fluff.

Experimental Surfaces

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