Impressionism with Gouache

Learn from the revolutionary art movement of Impressionism! In this class we will study paintings by Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet to understand their interpretation of form and use of color concentrating on their florals. As you know, the best way to study a painting is to copy it, which we will, but not with oils as the originals but with gouache. We will discuss properties and application techniques of this versatile water medium, which is suitable for a wide variety of styles and subjects. In the second part of the class students will attempt to apply what they learned to their own original painting with the help of the instructor.

Lesson 1

The Origins of Impressionism.

A brief history.

Lesson 2

What is Gouache?

Lesson 3

We will paint a replica of a Monet to introduce the techniques.

Lesson 4

To expand our learning, we venture into Auguste Renoir's Moss Roses.

Lesson 5

A discussion of the principles of Impressionist painting.

Lesson 6

In this lesson, we will use what we have learned to paint irises from a photo in the impressionist style.

Lesson 7

Some closing words and project for you to put it all together on your own.

Ksenia Annis

My focus is on helping other artists to improve their artistic abilities, to give them tools to achieve their art goals, to find inspiration and courage to create. My art classes are for people who are serious about improving their skills but not interested in a rigid academic setting.

I teach through simple but effective demos and exercises and work mostly with water media: watercolor, gouache and acrylic. Through my teaching experience, I am privileged to connect with thousands of artists worldwide, who in their turn help me to continue learning and growing as an artist.​​​​​​​

Laiba A.

She explained Impressionism so well that I am actually able to implement the style in my artworks.

Carmen J.

Wonderful class and your work is so beautiful.

Maris D.

Thank you, Ksenia, for this class! Impressionism seems challenging but I am willing to try. 



Impressionism with Gouache


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