Learn to use opaque media in combination with watercolor like the 19th century artists


3 hours of Instruction / 8 finished paintings

This class will teach you an easy and time tested technique for combining watercolor with white gouache.

Detailed Explanations and Exercises

Ksenia demonstrates how to control gouache consistency for various application techniques.

Expert use of opaque white

This class demonstrates using this time tested technique for painting flowers, but of course you can apply it to any subject matter.

Karen M.

Ksenia is one of my favorite artists. Her work is so full of energy and vitality. I was very curious about how to incorporate gouache into watercolor paintings. This class more than answered all my questions. Ksenia is so free with sharing all of her brilliant artistic knowledge. Her instructions are clear and concise. Ksenia does talk and paint very fast but I easily solved that issue to my personal need by reducing the video speed to .5. I’m very anxious to try all the techniques I’ve learned. I also very much appreciated the tips Ksenia shared regarding the various types of gouache, especially the difference between “artist” and “designer” gouache. 

LeAnn T.

This class was just what i needed to have some questions answered and stop me from getting art supplies hastily. also...Although i am new in the painting journey and am observing many styles and hundreds of artists thru Instagram and other platforms... I know I am seeking a handful of unique mentors who can ignite my passion to help me find my own fluid expression. Ksenia’s class provides that inspiration and also important tips on subject matter. Her classes speak to my heart.

Carmen J.

Such a great class packed with much information and techniques on creating backgrounds and uses for white gouache. The instructor speaks very fast so you must pay attention but her paintings are beautiful and I will certainly try some of her techniques.


Judy S.

Very good class Information worked well Instructor is a genius. I strongly recommend this class for all levels.

Paint Like the Masters

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