Painterly Pet Portraits

Capture your pets and favorite animals  with watercolor on paper


3 hours of instruction, 7 animal portraits

Ksenia takes you through all the important information you need before you start painting pets or just your favorite animals. This class includes instructions on painting fur and hair and a separate lesson on animal faces, especially concentrating on eyes and noses.

Detailed explanations and exercises

Ksenia demonstrates brush strokes and all of the important pigment application techniques and provides clear instruction on why these skills and techniques are the foundation of your future success with watercolor pet portraits.

Take your color mixing to the next level

Even though this course talks about animals, it is really a crash course in color theory. Ksenia will show you how to expand your palette when painting animals to create vibrant and joyful portraits.

Susan G.

Excellent explanation and examples for finding tonal value. Have been painting for 3 yrs. no formal art education and tonal value is what I struggle with most.

Priyadharshini N.

Such an awesome class! One of the best that I have taken! 

Christle W.

My favorite take aways were the information on color mixing and values.

Painterly Pet Portraits


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