Procreate for Beginners

Learn to draw and paint on your iPad

Live Workshop

November 10 and 11 (Thu & Fri)

at 2 pm US Central Time

 This live workshop will teach you all the basics you need to start creating with the powerful digital art app called Procreate. Even if you paint with traditional media, the ability to develop all the initial studies digitally will save you a lot of time and paper.

All workshop participants also get a free  lifetime access to my Procreate to Paper on-demand class!

Count me in!

In this class we will:

- study Procreate’s workspace and tools;

- learn how to use and modify reference photos;

- discover how to pick colors and create harmonious color palettes.

Each 2-hour session will include a series of demonstration followed by a practice period with the instructor available to answer questions. The sessions will be held via Zoom.

Whether you want to become a digital artist, simplify your traditional art process or just have some fun, this class is for you! Live instruction in combination with exercises will help you start the process of mastering Procreate!

Class materials: iPad Air 2 or newer, Apple Pencil or a stylus (you can just use your finger as well). To check your iPad model, open Settings, tap General, then tap About. Look for the model number in the top section.

Before the class, please go to your App Store and search for Procreate (US $9.99) and install it. If you don’t see the Procreate app, your iPad might be too old to support it.
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Procreate for Beginners Live Workshop


  • Live Workshop - 4 hours of instruction in two sessions
  • Bonus: immediate life-time access to Procreate to Paper on-demand class
  • Membership to the Learn to Paint with Ksenia Annis community
  • Support directly from Ksenia