From Zero to Watercolor Hero

Start your Watercolor Journey on the Right Path!

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Over 7 hours of Instruction

Ksenia takes you through all the important information you need before you start painting. Tools, materials, and arranging your workspace are all included.

Detailed Explanations and Exercises

Ksenia demonstrates brush strokes and all of the important pigment application techniques and provides clear instruction on why these skills and techniques are the foundation of your future success with watercolor.

Putting it all together

Ksenia will show you how to use all your new skills and knowledge to create vibrant art. She will show you the entire painting process from planning to signature.

Angela S.

"Really enjoyed this course. The instructor is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable and gave good examples and demonstrations of the technique she has developed. I found this technique very well suited to the way I like to work, from the general to the particular and much more fun to do, especially when using colour. In fact, I got so much out of it, I even bought another of her courses before I had finished this one! Highly recommended."

Sandra F.

This class was just what i needed to have some questions answered and stop me from getting art supplies hastily. also...Although i am new in the painting journey and am observing many styles and hundreds of artists thru instagram and skillshare... i know i am seeking a handful of unique mentors who can ignite my passion to help me find my own fluid expression. Ksenia’s class provides that inspiration and also important tips on subject matter. Her classes speak to my heart. I plan to watch them all regardless of my beginner status!! She has moved up the rung to become one of my favourite teachers

Sam K.

Very exciting!!! I’am just a beginner. Very useful class for beginners like me. Excellent explanations. Very nice to get such nice bonuses as well. I’ll be awaiting for next class from Ksenia.

Inna A.

This is a well organized course that was very useful for me. I especially liked the section on painting the illusion of volume as I have problems with this sometimes. Ksenia is a great instructor and provides easy to follow instructions and demonstrations. Thank you Ksenia!

From Zero to Watercolor Hero


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