Learn to paint people's faces with watercolor! Create expressive and fun art


1 hour of Instruction is all you need

Ksenia takes you through all the important information you need to understand the structure of the human face and each feature.

Detailed explanations and exercises

Ksenia will talk and demonstrate sculpting the human face on paper with light and shadow. She will also explain how to pick colors for your portraits.

Create finished art

After taking this course you'll be able to paint portraits of your loved ones with watercolor.

Jackie B.

Brilliant class. Great examples and step by step instructions. Many thanks!


Wendy W.

This class will give you the skills to paint portraits. Ksenia teaches proportions, angles and color. It moves quickly, but I gained enough new skills to do different styles of portraits with noticeably improved quality when compared with my work before the class.

Kevin W.

It is moving fast on how to sketch faces and those section on sketch is like a review face anatomy and instruction on how to make a quick face sketching in 20 minutes. The WOW factor starts when we are learning how to use color and tones to express face in 3D form, shadows and highlights. Watercolor painting is used in a loose and expressive style like Chinese painting. And the final painting is amazingly beautiful. I would watch again and again. Great work and teaching!


This class is AWESOME! The examples showing the head and eyes in various positions are so clear.. I love how she makes painting portraits more accessible for those of us still struggling with our paints, strokes and paint brushes!

 Uwe H.

Ksenia, thank you very much for this exciting class. I learned a lot about proportions, light and shadow and using Inktense pens.

You Can Sketch Faces

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