Learn fun, expressive sketching style!

No boring anatomy or shading, just creativity and great results.


1 hour course packed with valuable information

Forget the boredom of academic drawing and hours of shading. After taking this course you'll be able to draw people quickly and effortlessly.

Make sketching easy with sight measuring

Ksenia explains the principle of sight measuring for sketching people, but it can be used to make accurate drawing of any subject you choose.

Going from pencil line to full color

Ksenia will show how to turn your quick sketches into finished artwork with expressive shading and watercolor washes.

Anastasia M.

Ksenia is a wonderful teacher! Sketching people seemed intimidating at first, but after taking this class - I absolutely love painting people every day!! And the best part - being able to do so in 20 minutes or less!!! I'm really grateful for all the skills I learned in this class!!! Thank You!!!

Michele H.

Enjoyable class! I liked the idea of sight measuring, I can't wait to practice and improve on my sketching.

Paul J.

Just what I was looking a loose way to sketch. Seeing is believing, I will practice to hopefully achieve this most marvelous technique.

Yen-ting C.

I like how the steps are “doable” and how the teacher shares her own insight and experience when it comes to the most essential part of doing a sketch! Can’t wait to practice on my own!

Bluesky_art 88

She did a great job of teaching and demonstrating. Clear instructions and well enough of amounts of examples. I strongly recommend this to you if you want to learn how to sketch people.

Janabelle C.

This is the exact type of sketching that I like quick and fun! Ksenia makes it easy to understand which gives you the confidence to do yourself and you can! Thank you Ksenia! You're amazing!

You Can Sketch People


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